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Votes 4 Women Papercraft Collection

Votes 4 Women Papercraft Collection

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In 1903 the 'votes for women' campaign was given a welcome boost by the creation of the Women's Social and Political Union The W.S.P.U. was founded in Manchester by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters, they wanted to bring the causes of women’s suffrage to the attention of the nation by taking direct action under the banner “Deeds not Words”

The militant Votes for Women campaign used art, argument, propaganda, protest and destruction of property to fight for female suffrage.

In 1906 their decision to relocate to London, made a huge impact on the Suffragette movement. For the next eight years, the fight to win the vote became a highly public and, at times, violent struggle played out against the backdrop of Edwardian London.

The A4 Paper Collection contents:

15 x Patterned Pages

3 x Cutting Pages

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